Tracking Child Part for Procured Assembly Part in EPICOR

Hi All,

We are in unique situation at a moment to decide our EPICOR set up. (10.2). Scenario is

We buy a huge critical assembly with (1000+ Part and at least 10+ Sub-Assemblies) as single part.

In normal way once you buy any item you have that **item in stock with Supplier Sr no .However, we want all child Assemblies (10) of that parent also appear in EPICOR with Sr no.

Is there any way we can make this possible in EPICOR?


Are you talking about having indented jobs (where the subassembly is ordered as part of the main component) versus unindented jobs - where separate jobs are needed for the lower level items?

If so, this is part of the method, and can be changed in Engineering Workbench.

To be able to record the Serial Numbers of the components, you have to have the item in stock and issued to a job. If you are buying the whole thing, then the only way I can think of would be to make a job for the item, “receive” the serialized parts to the job (at zero cost?), have a single subcontract operation that would give you the final assembly, then receive the job to stock.

However, wouldn’t the Supplier be responsible for the child Serials?

A “simpler” solution would be to make a UD screen and record the Serials:
Key1 = ParentSerial
Key2 = ChildPart
Key3 = ChildSerial

Hi Jason,

What do you mean by UD Screen?

Can we record the serial number of child assemblies along with Parent Assembly at the time of PO Receipt?

Awaiting your valued reply.

UD = “User Defined”. A blank table for you to use as needed.

Yes. But the child data will not be in the Serial Tables, but instead in the UD table.

Thanks Jason.

Which means its not Epicor standard function but needs to be customize correct?