Tracking WIP as it moves through finishers

We have been asked to provide tracking of our WIP dollars as they move through finish operations that are done by subcontract shipments. We ship multiple shipments to vendors and sometimes multiple vendors. Part WIP shows the last op complete and shows the next op, but that still leaves some gray area when something is ready to be shipped buy sitting in the shop. We ship a lot of assemblies per job and multiple jobs per order, so we are trying to avoid having to change something per assembly.

Are you using the subcontract shipment? It will even provide you with an expected back date.

We are doing shipments, but we sometimes make subcontact shipments of partial assemblies, so part could be at one finisher while another part could be at a 2nd finisherr.

Sorry, missed this

If you are using subcontract shipping, you can use the Subcontract Status report to see where everything is. This is assuming that you are cutting separate POs for each shipment.