Training in Vista 6.1

I have been having a problem with this as well. I am on Vantage 6.1.
I paid for Maintenace through Epicor so I could get training. Only to
find out that all their classes are taught in They have some
archived e-learnings but beside being some of the MOST boring I have
ever taken - they don't offer much. Your best bet would probably be
to hire a consultant (many available through this group) with a lot of
experience on your version and get very personalized training. I
haven't used it yet - still trying to bang around a bit on my own and
purse strings are very tight. We are a very small environment of
under 10 users. I may still attempt a course or two through Epicor
(since I already paid the hefty maintenance) and ask instructor to
advise what is NOT included in my version. I think I will still gain
some knowledge at least out of the Crystal Reports class.

We too are way under utilizing the system from what I can see.

Where are you located? There's always the possibility of hiring a
consultant for both of us and splitting the cost.....
Hi. I started working for a company that uses Vista 6.1 for their
MRP. They are not fully utilizing the system and would like me to
help them to do just that. Being new to this system and with the
previous IT guy not working here anymore, I was wondering if anyone
knows a good source of training in Vista. Should I approach Epicor