Training Sys Admin backup on E9

What is the best way to get an I.S. employee up to speed on E9?

I am currently what you would call the system administrator for E9; I am responsible for report writing (BAQ's & Crystal), BPM's, Customizations, backups, performance, calling support, etc.  I now have a new employee that is going to share the load as well as be my backup if I'm on vacation, get sick, etc.

I'm not sure where to start in introducing E9.  I had the benefit of consultants when we first went to Vantage 7 years ago to learn the backend, and set through the discovery and implementation processes to learn/figure out the business process in the software.  I also had the benefit of the Sys Admin class that used to be taught by Ben Nixon or someone from his team.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get my new co-worker familiar with E9?

Thanks in advance.