Transaction efficiency % under limit warning when ending activity

Hi All,

We have recently upgraded to 10.2.400.14 from The upgrade seems to have gone well. However, we have an issue when ending activities in MES.

It does not seem to mater what the job number is, it happens every time. The warning message states " Transaction efficiency % under limit. Do you want to continue? " Checking material and cost transactions things look OK but we wont really know until the end of the month.

Hopefully, someone here could shed some light on this.

Thanks in advance


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We just upgraded from E9 to E10 today lol. We have just experienced this in MES. Our Operator completed 3 Job Qty 10 with no Warning, does a job for qty 5 and gets the warning.

Have you learned anything new?

This is a shop warning that has been setup in your system. To remove it go into Production Management - Job Management - Setup - Shop Warning and look for the Code 150. Make sure the Report in Data Collection is not selected.

After this is setup as stated above the prompt will not be displayed anymore in MES.

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Perfect! Thank you

Your instructions are exactly how I communicate internally lol, perfection

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