Transfer Order line link to Sales Order Line

Hi, does anyone of know how to link a transfer order line to the sales order line. We are a multi sites user. Stock, whether purchased or manufactured at Site A. Sales Order raised at Site B. Transfer Order generated needs to be a one to one line. When Site A ships to Site B, document and or label needs to show original source i.e. sales order.

A Transfer Order is received into stock at the destination (site B), and becomes available for any demand from that site.

You want to somehow receive it, but also set it aside for a specific order and/or keep it separate from the rest of stock?

Using Cross-Docking you will be able to reserve the receipt made form the Transfer Order, to the required sales order.

Yes. Thats exactly what we need. The transfer from site A is specific to Site B sales order. The item shipped is labelled with info intended for the sales order.

Once it is received at site B, it becomes part of the general inventory. Physically isolating it from the normal inventory would be something you’d do outside of E10.

Do you want it to not appear as available qty on hand? A trick that might work would be to make a bin named “Inventory for specific Order”, and make that bin non-netting. Then when you receive it at B, receive it to that non-netting bin.

General idea…
Maybe you could use the Lot functionnality to identify the sales order in the part LotNum field(OrderNum-OrderLine) … if the lotnum is not already used. If it is, maybe use an UD field on Lot to specify the related OrderNum-OrderLine.

Make sens?