Trouble linking custom field to Quote Entry

So my users want me to replace the “Reference” field in Order Entry and Quote entry with a field that isn’t 10 characters long. I had no problem setting this up in Order Entry-- I created the custom field, LongReference_c, created a new text box for it on Order Entry, and everything went great. The problem is that they also want this field on Quote Entry, and it is NOT going well. I’m trying to create a new view with OrderHed as its parent view, but none of the "Like Column"s listed are relevant to the OrderHed table. I tried linking on a couple of these fields, but none of them let my custom view bring in the UD field that I need. Is there a trick to force Epicor to include my OrderHed_UD.LongReference_c field on this form? Here’s the options it’s giving me for a custom view right now: