Trouble Printing a Crystal Report Over WAN

Hi folks,
I have a bit of a complicated situation that I will attempt to
explain as well as possible. We operate out of 2 locations, A and
B. At Local A, our NT box is housed as well as various Win98
workstations which run vantage from the server. At local B, ONE
computer is exists running vantage, locally. This PC is connected to
Local A via VPN (through a DSL line), so we do have TCP/IP
connectivity. To run faster, I installed the vantage application
(along with the userform folder containing all of the reports) on the
local drive. So virtually everything is being run locally except the
transfer of data in order to conserve bandwidth. The problem: When
printing a progress reports from Local B, I have NO problems.
However as soon as I print a report which we developed in Crystal,
which contains data over 1 page in length, I get an error message as
shown below and it kicks me out of the program completely, keeping in
mind that the report runs perfectly fine at Local A. I've copied the
latest version of the report to the local drive from the server, but
still no luck. *The job travler WILL print out and I won't get an
error only if it's a one pager. If longer, I get the below message.
Please help!!
Brian Cole, bcole@...

1st Error Message
PROWIN32 caused an exception 10H in module P2BXBSE.DLL at

2nd Error Message:
PROWIN32 caused an invalid page fault in
module MFC42.DLL at 015f:5f401b16.