True, False, or ALL? (BAQ Report)

What if you’re developing a BAQ Report and you want to be able to select something like JobHead.JobClosed, and you want to give users the option to select TRUE, or FALSE, or see everything, regardless of whether it is TRUE or FALSE?

Has anyone done that in Epicor ERP BAQ Reports?
(Seems like it should not matter if this is E9 or E10…it’s more of a how do you do this in a BAQ / BAQ Report Designer question.)

Suggestions or ideas?

I think you supply a DBNull to it. I know when u use a checkbox as criteria, it works like that (before you click it, it’s null)

What I do is to make a calculated text field based on the Boolean field.
Calc_fld = If TRUE then “YB” else “NB”

Then on the dashboard tracker pane I include the calculated field with the MATCH condition. Users can enter Y, N, or B

Technically, you don’t need the B in the formula, and users would just leave it blank for "Both’


I missed the fact that you want to d this in a BAQ Report. The method is similar, but different.

Make the Calculated field be “Y” if true and “N” if false

In the BAQ Report Designer add an option field:


You’ll get:


Make sure there is no psace between the comma and the N in the default, or when entering it in the Form window at run time
(My images show one)