Trying to find PlantConfCtrl table for DMT


I am setting up 18 different sites in one company. We’d like all sites to be able to utilize Transfer Orders to each other. This would mean about 300 lines to bring in.

I’m setting up all the Transfer Definitions and I’m able to update most of what I need to via DMT, except for the Transfer Order Number Prefix for each line. I can’t seem to navigate to the correct table to get to the highlighted field.

Does anyone know which table I would use to get to this field, or a way to search within DMT to find a field hidden within a table?

It’s here:

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Welcome to the group!

So… it looks to be here:


The DMT usually aligns with DB structure, but sometimes, well, it does not.

Primary bin is in the PlantWhse table, but in DMT it’s in Part Warehouse (like the UI does it).

I don’t know if there’s a way to find this info; it’s just guessing and memory for me.

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Thank you both! Can’t believe I overlooked that, but easy to do when in a hurry. I appreciate the help!