Trying to find Steven Gutfreund

Can anybody help me? He has posted to this forum

Ed Reingold


You can send him a direct message via his profile.

I didn’t see how…is there some link there? Thanks!

Just click the @.

Or go to Profile - Yechezkal_Gutfreund - Epicor User Help Forum

And click

New accounts can’t send messages. Need a certain trust level be earned first.

Oh. I’m just trying to reach somebody. I got a phone number and left a message; maybe that’ll work.

If you have privileges, would send a message to Steven Gutfreund (who is on that site) that I’d like to contact him.
I have a 1987 letter from his father Kurt to me, pertaining to him, that I think he’d like to have. Thanks.

Ed Reingold

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