Trying to reproduce built-in Aged Receivables and A ged Payable

Thanks for your prompt relies, Troy and Michael.

I've already tried changing the filters as Troy suggested, but I think
there's something more fundamentally wrong with my reports, and I'm not sure
what it is.

Michael's attached reports work great, but the 'magic' that the built-in
report does that neither mine nor Michael's does is use the APTran table to
give it the ability to look back in time and give a historical report of
what was owed, say, at year end, which is actually what I was trying to do.
Sorry for not making this clear in my message. From Epicor's report
definition: "...the user does not have to consider the timing of the end of
the month and the daily ongoing invoicing and payment activities to obtain
an accurate report that can be reconciled with the General Ledger."

Anyway, I told our year-end auditors that I can't cough up what they want.
They can live with the built-in reports if they have to.

That's right, I'm giving up! Hey, I'm a wimp, what can I say.

Thanks again!


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Aged Payables in Crystal


Attached is a Crystal report I developed for each. This is for verison 5.0
and you should only have to set the database location for them to work.
Hope this helps.

Michael Benedict
IS Manager
Crestview Aerospace Corp.

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> Subject: [Vantage] Trying to reproduce built-in Aged Receivables and
> Aged Payables in Crystal
> All,
> Has anyone tried to reproduce the Aged Payables and/or the Aged
> Receivables
> reports in Crystal? I can't seem to get the same values that Vantage gets
> no matter what I try. Values can be high, low, or non-existent.
> On the Payables report, for instance, I have three tables: APTran
> (primary),
> linked to Vendor through company and VendorNum, and APInvHed linked to
> APTran through company and InvoiceNum. I group by Vendor.VendorID, and
> filter by ApTran.FiscalPeriod = x, .FiscalYear = x,
> APInvHed.InvoiceDate <=
> x, and APTran.Posted = True. Whatever I use for x never matches the
> built-in report, and I can't seem to see a pattern.
> If anyone has any ideas about this, or has already created this report,
> please let me know!
> Thanks,
> Gord Schindell
> Network Administrator
> Almac Machine Works, Ltd.
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