Trying to Save a Copy Report Style

I have migrated our E9 to E10.2.100.12 and i am testing specific functions.
Right now I have just tried to Copy a Report Style, and once copied i have changed the copied Report Style to ‘Report Type: Crystal’.
Then when I hit save it comes back with this error:

If I leave the ‘Report Type’ as ‘SQL Server Reporting’ then I can hit Save without any errors coming up.

Any ideas?

Did you change the output location to be your report location for the .rpt file? Something like /reports/CustomReport/myreport.rpt

When i change the report type to Crystal it greys out the Output Location

Sorry typo - I meant report location. You should really create new and then specify like this. Your RDD is going to be specific to the report type so you need to watch that and have a Crystal RDD.

I don’t think the Copy Report was intended for switching report types.

Besides creating a new Style, it also creates an RDL (and all sub reports, I believe) for that report.

To make a new CR, your’re better off making a new Report style, and setting the 4 fields manually.


You’re best bet is to request the JobTraveler.rpt Crystal Report from Epicor (or copy from E9), and setting up a report style for that. Then use that style to make a new one via Copy Report.