TT5 Data Collection

Is anyone using TT5's for data collection on Vantage 6.0? We upgraded our
system from 5.1 (through 5.2) to 6.0 last week. The upgrade itself went as
expected and Vantage is performing fine.

Data collection is not. We use data collection extensively throughout our
manufacturing facility and it has, essentially, ground to a halt.

- error messages about once an hour that lock up the data collection system
"** No TT5 record is available. (91)"
- sluggish performance (at best)

Solutions attempted:
- daily contact with Epicor support for more than a week
- replaced the data collection PC completely (fresh build, latest patches,
no additional software)
- replaced various units throughout the network (to no avail)
- examined all of our TT5 network - everything appears to be functioning

Believe me, the TT5 network is not that complicated. I'm fairly confident
that our equipment is functioning properly. I also find it hard to believe
that our system worked fine on version 5.1, yet immediately after a software
upgrade, all of our hardware is malfunctioning. The problems began
immediately after the upgrade - as soon as we brought the new gateway

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.


Chris Gitzlaff

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