Turning on Summaries in Dashboard Triggers BAQ Parameters

So, we just upgraded to 2022.2.8 as we deferred when it was originally released. I’ve noticed that if you turn summaries on in a dashboard it prompts you for the BAQ Parameters. Has anyone else noticed this?

To replicate, open a dashboard created with a BAQ that has to and from date parameters on it. With the summaries turned off, refresh the dashboard and you are prompted for the dates. When it returns, turn on Summaries. You should be prompted for the parameters again. If you enter them, you get summaries. If you cancel, your summaries are 0 but the data is still in the dashboard. Once you have summaries on, if you refresh the dashboard you will be prompted for the parameters twice. One prompt returns the data and the other prompt returns the sums.

I double checked that I did not have the parameters in the BAQ twice. Can’t think of anything else to check. This is in Kinetic UI only.

Does it matter if you have any groupings? And if the field a grouping is on is a parameter?

Good thought. But no, there are not any groupings in the dashboard.

It might be that instead of the client doing the math, on the data in the table returned, the Summaries function actully causes the query to execute again, with the sums, counts, avg’s, calculated by the server and attached to the main data with a union.

Run a trace to see if the summary calculated values are in the data set returned from the server.

Well, Epicor accepted it as a bug.

I poked around the Developer Tools in the browser and nothing jumped out at me. I tested this behavior on a system dashboard and that worked fine. My guess is that they tried to fix the summary issue and never tested it on user made dashboards.

I’d bet that enabling summaries on a system dashboard causes the query to fire again too. You just don’t know it because its not asking for parameter values.

DId they say which version it will be fixed in?

No, I was the first one to submit it. The problem case is PRB0261177 if you want to track.

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