UBAQ Dashboard Enforcing Rules - Help Needed

I have an updatable BAQ dashboard that I am working on. The dashboard has only one column that is to be updatable. I would like to enforce formatting rules for this column. In this instance, the column needs to hold either a blank value or a value of “Manual”. I would like to keep the capitalization and make it not update if the entry is not “Manual”. Is this enforced on a dashboard, BAQ, or data directive level?

Hi Dylan,
You could handle it in either a directive or a customization. I do not think you could enforce this at the BAQ level.
Should this only be enforced in the dashboard?
If so, I would create a customization on the dashboard and enforce it there. Another option for this case would be a method directive fired by the ubaq BO.
If not, if it should be enforced whenever the field is changed, from anywhere, I would handle it in a data directive.


I would like this to be enforced regardless of where this data is coming from, be it a module, the ubaq, or the dashboard. I will probably be playing around with an in-transaction data directive. Thanks for the insight!

No problem. In that case, I would do the same.