UD Child Table Record Delete User Confirmation

I have added a UD05 as a child table to the Parts using the customization ‘Add User Defined Table As Child’ and set the binding to an EpiUltraGrid, which is all working fine except for using the toolbar delete. Checking the code, I found the following:
private void PartForm_AfterToolClickForUD05(object sender, Ice.Lib.Framework.AfterToolClickEventArgs args)
//EpiMessageBox.Show(“PartForm_AfterToolClickForUD05” + args.Tool.Key);
switch (args.Tool.Key)
case “DeleteTool”:
if ((args.Cancelled == false))

If I comment out the line containing ‘if ((args.Cancelled == false))’, it works fine. It would seem that this is related to the user confirmation that is usually displayed. Anyone know how to trigger the user confirmation, or should I create my own user confirmation screen and just call that within the function before calling DeleteUD05?

Create your own


Thanks Jose.
It seems a little odd to me that the code generatted by the wizard would add code checking a parameter that can’t be passed to the function.