UD field "limit to list" in DMT - is it possible?

I can’t imagine this hasn’t been asked before but I can’t seem to find any previous post. . . I know how to limit the users to picking a value from a list in a combo box in the UI. But what about when they are using DMT? Its a UD field. Is there any method to force the DMT to error if they try to put a value in that field that is not in a list. Right now the list is just in the control itself but I was thinking I can move it to user codes or somewhere it could be validated against. The question is if there is a mechanism to force any kind of validation within DMT or if we are limited to accepting whatever constraints are built into the tool.

I would use a Data Directive BPM on field changes from any to any and raise an exception if the new value is not in your list…

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A BPM is the way to enforce that. But on a more basic level, DMT is really an IT tool, and not an end user tool. DMT should really only be allowed for people that are careful and understand the ramifications of what they are doing because it is such a wide open tool.

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Yeah you’re preaching to the choir on that one. I will try it with a BPM, I don’t know why I was thinking DMT wouldn’t see it that way.

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Make sure you test. DMT is supposed to respect BPM’s, as it uses the BO’s to do it’s work. But sometimes it behaves differently than it does in the UI. If you are using UD tables, you should be good, as that stuff is pretty simple, but just something to keep in mind.