UD Field - PO entry to Receipt entry?

We have a UD field at the line level called DeliverTo - this is printed on the Purchase order when populated and on the Printed a custom packing slip sent out to the supplier.

Now I need it to populate that information that is on the PO in receipt entry.
Thanks in advance

Do you want the data to LIVE on the Receipt Detail? If so, you could use a BPM to copy the PODetail UD Field value to a UD Field created on RcvDtl (based on PONum & POLine).

If you just want the data to appear on the Receipt Entry screen… then you can probably pull PODetail into your screen as a new DataView so those fields are available to display.

In that case… something like the below post may help…

Sorry took so long to respond - currently the UD field is at the PO Detail line. Will look at doing the dataview since recv just needs to see who that order/line needs to be delivered to.