UD table to Many Parts relationship best practice

Good Morning All,

Just got a new project to scope out. Before I get into the build mindset I thought I would see what others are doing.

The request is to manage certifications for our parts. We need to manage UL, FCC, and etc type certifications, so when a part is built we know which “sticker/stickers” needs to be added. My first thought would be to create a UD field to store all of the certification data. One area that I am not sure of is the one to many relationship to the part. What is the best way to do this? Would I need to use another UD table to do this?

If there is a fixed and specific number of fields then just extend Part with those fields. If there is a variable number of records per part and it may increase in the future I’d go with a UD table as a child to the Part Table.
You can easily bring in any UD table as a child to any form for the related Part. It does add complexity when doing BAQ’s and reports since you’ll now have that one to many relationship to manage / join etc.

To expand on my thinking I would have one table for the Certifications, lets call it UD_Cert.

The UD_Cert fields would be:
cert type
Certifying Body
Certifying Body File number
Listing Report Number
Expiration date
Regulatory Model Number
Related part numbers for the certification (one to Many relationship)

Would I need another UD table to the join the ERP.Part and the UD_Cert. That way we can have many to many relationship.

A Certification could be for multiple parts.

A Part could have multiple certifications.

Trying not to over engineer this for maintenance. The user will create the certification, and then select multiple parts. (This part I am still not sure how to do as well. Create Two grids and use the arrow to move to the selected one, or use a multiple select listbox)

Have you considered using the attachment feature:

You could just use a UD100X table those are Parent Child
Your UD100 table could be the Certs and UD100A could be the “Parts” for that Cert. The relatinoship between UD100 and UD100A is pre-established and “Free” so you just need to have a field in UD100A that points back to the part.

Is there a document on how to set that up? Or does it just work.

It just works :slight_smile:
UD100 and UD100A are part of the same business object, so it works like Order and OrderDtl
Just use the UD100 Maintenance Screen (Add it from Menu Maintenance)

ahhh. Interesting

let me tinker with that.


You can store all attachments on the server file system within a dedicated shared sub-folder(s). Epicor Document Management product will do this and will create a sub-folder for each DB header table. You don’t need the DocStar Enterprise Content Management product. In E10 online help, see document management and document type. You will need to work with your DBA or APP admin to create the root shared folder. You will also need to define the repository method under company maintenance. You can use the File System Location method.

Thanks for the idea. This business case doesn’t use attachments at this time. This might be useful if we want to store the document of record to the UD_Cert table in the future.

I think this may work. Would I be able to do this for multiple children types as well?

Each Certification could have multiple Cert Types along with different a different Date element. For example we already are talking about Cert -> Part. I was thinking the New Button would be able to add New Part or New Cert Type, which would add a child to the Parent Certification.

Did you ever figure out how to create a many-to-many relationship with a UD table? I need to do something similar.