UD Table Update Raise Exception will trigger update again

I am trying to do some error checking before a particular field in UD10 is being updated.

So I created Pre-Processing BPM.

If I have just one Show Message Widget, the Show message will only display once.

Now, when I add the Raise Exception Widget after the Show Message, the Message will display 3 times and the Raise Exception will display 3 times.

Am I doing the error checking in the wrong place?

Hi @TobyLai,

put the condition widget before your error message.

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My question is more like why if the Show Message will show only once when there is no Exception.

When there is exception, it will display 3 times.

I have put the condition before the show Message, it doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas?

Hi @TobyLai,

not sure how you are implementing above code. what version you are ?

@TobyLai, I have tried to recreate same BPM as your’s but I am getting Error message just one time.
There might be some BPM cache issue. Try running Directive update for your BPM.

Found the problem. There is some customization code in the dashboard that will trigger save again. -_-;;;;;;

Sorry all.

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