UDF Sync issue

I created 3 UDF in the OrderHed_ud and OrderDtl_ud table. Ran data regen and application pool restart. So it seems that the fields are now available to be use. I can see it in the table. Issue is when I tried to load a customization that had utilized same UDF fields from another database. Below is the error I get.


I looked at my “Test” environment with these UDF and it’s setup exactly the same. I want to bind these UDF to date drop down in Sales Order Entry. Anyone have any ideas what this means? I thought that maybe application pool restart needs to happened, but already restarted it 3 times without success.

Have you also exited and restarted your Client?

UD Field information is memory cached on the client and that data is cached the first time the Dataset is referenced by the Client. While the Client can withstand an AppServer restart, it does not know to refresh the extended properties (Class Attributes) so you need to force that - best way is to exit the Client and restart it.

I end up restarting IIS and not just the application pool. Once IIS has been restarted, Epicor saw the UDF and all good.