UDfield not showing up only in data directive

So I added UD fields and mapping into e-10. I got everything I needed working in pilot so I went to recreate my changes in production. One of the things that needs to be created is a data directive that uses the UD field. In Pilot, the UD field shows up and is ready to use. For some reason, in production after I added everything with (mostly) the same process the UD field will not show up for use in the data directives. (I will admit a lot less messing around because I wasn’t trial and error-ing any more, so I might have triggered something in Pilot inadvertently). It shows up all of the other places it should, I can add in the check boxes that I need in my customizations, the save works fine, I can query and find the field and see that the save works fine. I even checked to see if the field is available in a method directive, and it is. Now I just need to add the data directive to production, but for some reason the field will not show up to use.

Any ideas on what I should do? I’ll probably try to regenerate the data model again, and another IIS reset, but other than that I don’t know what else to do.

Learn something new everyday. I found the directive update menu (I’ve never used it before) and the help file shows you how to set it to recompile the directive. So I selected my group and unchecked the compatible box of the directive to make it outdated. I used the outdated directives only selection in the directive update. Then I ran the directive, showed that it was successful, and then the field I was looking for was now available.

Just had this exact same issue, thanks for the solution, worked a treat.