UDfields are unavailable after regen / recycle process


I have added UDfields to two tables (OrderHed and ShipVia ) in my DEV environment.

Ran the Generate Data Model without errors. Then Recycle IIS App Pool.

Logoff Epicor training, log back in, I verify the User Defined Column maintenance and both tables show Green, in sync.

But trying to use the new udfield in a data directive, the fields are not part of the list.

I did regen/recycle process 3 times ! I even rebooted the server and got the same results.

What else can I do ?.


Can you reference the field by name? I think the entity framework model of the Db isn’t always the same as the actual Db

@Hogardy This KB has a word doc on where to check and a traceflag to add to help diagnosis. Basically there is sometimes an issue where the datatype is not in sync between the UD table and ZDataField, I always check the UD table column and the view to make sure they match.



Thanks got the KB and the datatypes matches on my 3 added fields.

I have opened a ticket to Epicor about it.


This morning got a call by support, connected to my computer, and pouf! by magic, all was working fine…did not do anything…
:roll_eyes: :crazy_face:

now that’s EpiMagic!

BTW: Noticed the change in colors and in the logo of Epicor on EpicCare site… nice…

I have come across this problem many times. The solution I use, which might help you is to edit the Target properties of my Epicor start shortcut like this,
Make sure there is a space between sysconfig and the forward slash. It forces the client update, which I was told it should always do anyway but I found it does not without this edit.