Uh oh! RB Question Again

Ah... Progress! (No pun intended) I received this response from Tech Support:


The SalesRep table seems to have repeating records for SalesRep. Based on
your call, I have created the document outlined below and have submitted it
to Development. I will let you know what their response is.

The SalesRep table has multiple records of the same sales person. There
should only be one current record for each sales rep.

1. Create an RB report using the SalesRep table in Mntech 4.00
2. Print the fields SalesRepCode, Name, CommissionPercent, and
3. Note that each sales rep has multiple records with different commissions
and different codes for CommissionEarnedAt."

Of course, it could very well be a loooooong time before it's fixed, so I'm still looking for a workaround.

Gary Grenier
Bell Manufacturing Co.

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