Ultra Grid does not show column data

Hi there,

I have a epicor 9 customization where an ultra grid is bound to a dataView. One of the columns ‘ColumnA’ is hidden on the grid. I want to populate that column in the sql table and it should show on the grid.

I can unhide ColumnA in the grids columns collection and it started showing on the grid.
I have populated ColumnA in sql table with some data.

The problem is that ColumnA shows blank on grid even though I can see values populated in sql table.

Can anyone help point out what possibly I am missing here?


First, don’t update your database via SQL. It really is bad practice and in E10, will void your warranty.
Second, we need more details as to the Screen, DataView, and DataColumn.
I would offer that this field could be populated via a BPM from any source (without requiring an SQL update).

It’s the Cash Receipt Entry screen. DataView is InvcHead and DataColumn is Character10.

If you make a BAQ for the InvcHead table, is Character10 showing what you expect?

How is this field normally populated (please don’t say via SQL) ? If a BPM is what sets it, maybe that BPM firing and it is clearing the data you had set via “external means”.

If I make a BAQ for InvcHead table, Character10 doesn’t show as an available column.

This field (Character10) is normally not populated.

You must click the “Show User Defined Columns” button above the field selection.