Unable to delete a Report Style

In Epicor 10.1.500.14, attempting to delete a Report Style produces the error, “The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint “FK_ReportDefaultStyle_Report”. The conflict occurred in database “Epicor10Live”, table “Ice.ReportDefaultStyle”, column ‘ReportID’. The statement has been terminated.

What is the trick to deleting a Report Style?

Is another Report Style on this RDD set as the default before you try to delete the Style?

No, there is no other Report Styles or Report Data Definitions referencing this ReportID.
(Did I understand your question correctly?)

There was a custom Report Data Definition (with the same name as this custom Report Style0, but I was able to delete the custom Report Data Definition. But deleting this custom Report Style still produces the same error.

The Report Data Definition used by this Report Style is now deleted, and nothing else is using this Report Style, yet I cannot delete this Report Style. As if some sort of ‘cascade-delete’ was intended, but not actually able to occur.

Screenshot below. Report Style is selected. Report Data Definition used to have same name, and is now deleted. Looking into the SQL tables, I see the ice.Report table still has the ReportID for this one, as does the ice.ReportDefaultStyle still has this associated ReportID inside too.

So how does one delete this no longer used Report Style?


We’re on 10.1.400.28, and in Report Style Maintenance we see :

Selecting a Report Style ( here, the third one ) and clicking on the ‘X’ in the ToolBar ( circled in Red ) will delete that Report Style.

You may have to recreate the Report Data Definition used by the Report Style before you can delete the Report Style. If you do, it doesn’t have to actually work - the RDD just has to have the same name as that in the Report Style. Just make a new RDD, copied from the Base RDD, with the name shown in the Report Style Data Definition Field.

Then log out and back into Epicor after creating the temporary RDD, and try to delete the Report Style.

After you delete the Report Style, then delete that temporary RDD.

Ken Brunelli

It’s a bug that Epicor doesn’t properly delete the DefaultReportStyle record when a report style is removed. I usually just hit the Ice Table directly and do a Delete from by [old report id] and call it a day.

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