Unable to edit/update Credit Memo request in RMA

This seems to be an issue I’ve not experienced before, but while helping one of my users today, we noticed that we were unable to click the “Update” button on the RMA Summary screen under the Credits subtab:

The invoice has not been posted yet, but I did notice that a current invoice group has been made for the day. Is that possibly why I am unable to update the credit memo?

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Once a RMA Credit Request is pulled into an AR Group, it cannot be modified from RMA Entry.
AR has to intentionally pull in these RMA Credits, so it should be manageble.

Shipments work the same way, once a shippment is pulled into an AR Group the Shipment cannot be changed (unshipped). In that case AR can delete the Shipment lines from their group and then shipping can unship and modify the shipment.

In this case, you could try having AR delete the lines, but I seem to recall that it will delete the RMA credit request (from the RMA perspective), this is because an RMA Credit Request IS an actual Invoice line without an Invoice header. The process of pulling in the RMA Credit Requests, just creates an Invoice header, so if the invoice is deleted so are the lines.

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Thanks Rick, I didn’t see that the invoice had been pulled into a AR group, but what you’re saying makes sense to me.
I ended up deleting the credit memo and re-creating, but I had the same issue where I could not update it.