Unable to get Manufacturer Name in SSRS POForm with Lookup function

Sorry I’m new to Kinetic development. I’ve been struggling on this issue for a while and I need some guidance!

In standard PO printout, only MfgID can be printed:

User request is to print manufacturer name maintained in Manufacturer table instead of MfgID. Lookup function in SSRS is used to get Manufacturer Name from Manufacturer table. Calculated field “MfgName” is added to POHeader dataset using the following expression:
=Lookup(Fields!Company.Value & Fields!Calc_MfgID.Value, Fields!Company.Value & Fields!MfgID.Value, Fields!Name.Value, “Manufacturer”)

However there is no value printed when printing this modified report style.

Is there any step or function that I miss here in order to get the value? Thanks!

Welcome Ivan!

Yes, you must also add the field in the query. Click on Query then the expression button, and add the field name to the query. That will also be the database name used in the screen above.

There are several examples on the forum if you search for them.

Mark W.

:handshake: welcome, Ivan!

Thanks Mark and Michael!

Report Data Definition has been modified by adding Manufacturer table, and Report Relationship between PODetail & Manufacturer has been added:

Also in SSRS POForm, Dataset POHeader, the query expression has been modified:

POHeader_Query_Expr.txt (4.1 KB)

And text box with following expression is added to the form:
=Fields!Mfgr_Name.Value & “/” & First(Fields!MfgName.Value, “POHeader”)

But it’s still not possible to get any result

Do I still miss something? Thanks!

Yes, the SQL Expression needs to be modified. Here’s a link that walks you through the entire process.

Workshop - Add a Table/Column (epicor.com)