Unable to Load the AP Invoice Group Record

Hi team

Anyone have any idea what the cause of this is and how to resolve? Isolated to one supplier when trying to enter the invoice into the AP Invoice Entry. They have worked in the past.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Is there any more info if you click on the Detail button in the error?

From that error text…
I’m wondering if you have a custom BPM?

  • Erp.Bpm.BO.APInvoice.UpdateMaster --? PreProcess?
    If so, maybe you can try temporarily disabling it and then try opening your group?

Awesome, that worked when I enabled it. Doesn’t solve the underlying issue but meant we can receipt the invoices. Thanks!

Kind Regards


Just ran into this myself recently after upgrading ARM. The BPM comes built in with the newer versions of ARM because there is an optional AP Invoice module Precise is rolling out.