Unallocated Inventory Adjsutment

I am trying to do an inventory adjustment to get the numbers to where they need to be. I keep getting this error:

There is not enough unallocated inventory in this bin for this transaction.

Ideas? From my understanding, if I go into the negative that is when Epicor says, Hey, make some more product. Which is fine. But Epicor won’t work right if the numbers are off and right now they are off. SO I do not understand the error message nor how to fix.

Try running the Refresh Part Qty’s and Allocations from System Mngmnt -> Rebuild Processes -> Mfg / Distribution.

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Did that this morning. Do I need to do it again?

My first thought was that you had a system setting that prevented negative QOH in bins. But you said the issue was with allocations.

If it’s just material in the wrong bins, use ‘Inventory Transfer’. It makes STK-STK part trans.

I’m looking at Job Manager and the only bin that has anything in it is the correct FXO Bin. On hand ist 436, Available is 61, Ttaol Demand is 516. So, would the demand keep me from adjsut farther and giving it a negative?

I’d think that demand would be independent of QOH.

What adjustments are you doing? The physical qty you have does not match the QOH value the system is reporting?

Doing a Quantity Adjustment. Shows on Hand is 436, but when I try to subtract 202 to make it correct, it gives me the error mentioned earlier.

Is the setting to prevent transactions from going negative (in Bin, warehouse, part class, or wherever it is) set?

Shouldn’t be. But to make sure I am looking athis right, where would that setting be?

Not sure of all the ways that can be set. But it is in part class

And I’m sure it is in other places.

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Well, it was set to None. Changed it to warn and it gave me a warning, click ok, then the same error.

some other places:

Part Master -> Track UOM: "When this check box is selected, the Epicor application does not store or allow entry of negative inventory quantities. "

Also something in “Package Control”

So, in Part MAint, under UOM’s, if the Track On Hand is selected, it will not allow a negative entry into Inventory?

Looks that way from the help.


Are all the current allocations real? Any open orders or other demand that could be closed out?

There are open orders. I was wondering if those would have an impact on this. My thought was it may work once all the orders are closed out.

From the Help …

Track Multiple UOMs

Specifies if inventory balances for this part should be stored in a single base unit of measure (for example, Each), or if the Epicor application should store and track inventory balances for the part in multiple units of measure (for example, Each, Feet, Inches).

Note: Take special care when determining how this check box should be answered. Your response has a profound impact on how the Epicor application stores inventory for this part! This check box can be selected for any part at any time. Once the check box is selected, it can only be cleared if no inventory balances exist for the part! This check box is not available for use for parts flagged as serial tracked.

Select the check box to store inventory balances for the part in a multiple UOMs. The Epicor application uses the actual UOM entered for a transaction when updating inventory balances. When this check box is selected, the Epicor application does not store or allow entry of negative inventory quantities. You cannot select this check box if the Track Serial Numbers check box is selected for the part.

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Are you using fulfillment workbench at all? If so, you need to unpack the sales orders. It is a hard allocation. Only way to unpack is using AMM Folder in main menu.

Belinda Hannah

I have experienced this if the part is on an open pack that has not been checked as “Shipped”, either as a part on a Sales Order, or a component of a Sales Kit. You may want to look into your open packing slips.

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Unpicking is the same if using the FWB too. Forgot that one can cause headaches too…

Belinda Hannah

That was something I had thought on and it turned out to be the case. Thanks to everyone for their help and ideas.