Unapplied Receipts that shouldn't be there

along with my other issue (which we got covered now thank you all) it seems two of the unapplied receipts were double receipts meaning shouldn’t have been entered. How can we cleared those to as they never happened? Thanks

If the receipts were posted, you won’t be able to make them completely disappear, but you can use the “Reverse Cash Receipt” program to zero-out the duplicate receipts.

Yes they were posted. How for the Reverse Cash Receipt? It’s all grayed out not able to enter anything. Currently the amounts are showing as “UR Credit Memo” on the AR account. We thought maybe since already posted and showing the way they are that as AR Write Off/Adjustment was needed??? I have ID’d the two receipts but without the Reverse Cash Receipt screen available for input how do we reverse? Thank you

This is one of those screens that isn’t very intuitive. You need to click the binoculars at the top of the screen to search for and select the receipt you want to reverse. Once it’s selected, it will populate in the screen and allow you to reverse it.

BEAUTIFUL!!! It worked…thank you so very much! I appreciate it and so does my boss:-)