Unattended machines/labor

Yes, we have many unattended machines. Every Monday we post an unattended
timesheet on each machine. The employees who run the machines fill out the
job#, Assembly#, date and hours run unattended for each machine for the
previous night's run. On Monday, we go around and collect the sheets for
the previous week, putting new ones up. We then enter the time into Vantage
through Labor Entry. We have an 'unattended' employee set up in Vantage
that has a $0 labor rate. We enter the labor for the machines for the week
into this employee, therefore capturing the unattended hours for the machine
and the burden rate for the machine run.

An alternative would be to have the employee clock-in to the
job/assembly/operation as this unattended employee and then clock-out when
the unattended run was compete. This method would not work too well for us,
we found the timesheet method easier to manage.


Hello group

Is anyone running machines in your shop that are unattended? That is, running at night without any employee clocked into the job. If so, how are you handling the labor entry for this situation?

Thank you
Mel Warniment
Gilson Screen Inc

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