Unbalanced Total in Inventory WIP Account Reconciliation Report

Dear all,

My account team unable to capture COS/WIP because the transaction is not balanced.

The Debit side is missing about 17,280.00 in the Inventory WIP Account Reconciliation Report, and we found that it was caused by these two items.

In a more in-depth investigation, these two items are bought for “Other”.

Has anyone encountered this before? What should I do to make the debit balance?

Thank you in advance.

Link a GL Control Code to the Part Class of Others and make sure it has a GL Account for the inventory/expense then rerun the report again. Also your default AP GL Account should have been used. Do you have a default expense GL Account on your AP GL Control Code?

We had this and had to 0 qty that PO line. Set price costing method to AVG, and assign a primary bin. Lastly, make a new PO Line. You will see the “other” box get picked if something is not correct.

You must purchase to a job or inventory I believe.

Try in test environment and see if any of that works.

Hi Mark, the Part Class of Others does have a GL Account assigned for the inventory/expense.

While the default Expense doesn’t have any GL Account after assigning and rerun the WIP report still same.

This is the resolution provided by Epicor support, and it helped solve my problem.