Unexpected behavious with receiving

Im testing 10.2.300 ready for our jump from 10.1.500 and im seeing something odd in receiving. Not sure if its a bug or a process change

We have a receiving bin defined however when im trying to receive PO’s it want to put the stock into my QC bin however I dont have inspection setup for anything. If I go to company config and change the QC bin to the Receiving bin it then uses that bin. Has something changed here?

Also the system now seems to care about volume. Thats fine I guess but im getting a decimals/rounding error. It complained that it had a resilt of 3dp but I only had 1dp on the UOM. It was set to round up but didnt. Ive resolved by changing the DP setting but im concerned about that rounding not working and if it might bite me later. Has anyone else seen this?