Unfirmed jobs vs. Released jobs schedule

During the process of releasing jobs, you can select the list of jobs you want to firm and release. We use JSM to do this. We then use Global scheduling to generate the schedule. There isn’t a way to filter global scheduling besides by site which we only have one. Does global scheduling take into account unfirmed jobs when it runs its process? I find lots of instances where unfirmed jobs are remaining on the schedule in front of jobs that are released which are pushing the released jobs’ dates out. Is there some setting we are missing or how do people manage this?

Not sure if this applies to your specific case but here is a blurb from the Scheduling Tech Ref Guide on Rough Cut Scheduling and an UnFirm Job.

Rough Cut Scheduling
You enter a Rough Cut Horizon value of 15 on your Blue site record. Job 5692 is generated by MRP and its quantity will be produced by the Blue site; this unfirm job has a Required By Date of September 27. You automatically generate Global Scheduling every Monday morning. This process is run on the morning of September 10 so this is the Scheduled Start Date for this process run. The final date on the Rough Cut Horizon is September 25. Because the Required By Date on Job 5692 is September 27, it is calculated using Rough Cut Scheduling.