Uninstall each old .dot release?

After each .dot release is installed and live, do you uninstall the old one?

I haven’t yet. We’ve upgraded to 10.2.400.19 from 10.2.200. All of the releases and updates are still installed.

I asked the question some time ago and did not get any answer.

From experience, on development and test environments, uninstalling and deleting old versions and updates have never affected the latest version.

I would prefer getting an official response from Epicor on the subject before doing so on a production server.

Agreed. That’s the main reason I’ve never removed the old versions. Space really isn’t an issue so I’ve not taken the time to submit a case to Epicor. I’d go with what they say,

All the Installer “Really” does is just extract files, to your Server Folder.

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Our upgrades here are performed by an external company and they completely uninstall the old version and install the upgraded version. They have said they do this because they have seen issues with the installation of patches over the existing versions. I have wondered though if we weren’t charged per hour whether this still would be the case :slight_smile:

Sounds like a good excuse to charge for extra time to me :man_shrugging:t2:

I always uninstall previous versions after an update, to save on disk space