Unit Of Measure Conversion Tool

Thanks for the response! I will check out your thread. See additional
comments below.

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Do you already have the media?[SC] Yes and we are attempting a test
conversion. I was trying to anticipate the results as much as possible
prior to pushing the button on the UOM conversion. Failing that I will go
forward and simply see what happens. As you are aware, previous versions
did not a have a verification of UM (anything is allowed). As a result of
course we have a total of 80 or so "unique identifiers" some of which are
typos (numbers, dots, slashes, you name it). Others are valid but
duplicated e.g. BO, BX, B, all to represent Box

If so, I found a test install/conversion to be the most helpful so far. My
conversion choices provided "interesting" results.
After that, a really nice thing I found in 9 is the expanded online help.
Epicor has embedded some nice PDF files. This help file on the UOM is

There is also a thread of mine on this forum that is only a few weeks old
about the UOM conversion. I received some nice advice from users.

I wouldn't expect too much from Epicor unless you want to pay.[SC] That's
what frustrating I do pay for "contract maintenance" which is really just
the media - support is for all intents and purposes, nearly non-existent.
I also opened a UOM conversion support case with them.
Their response was mostly limited to the oft suggested "contract a


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I am working towards the conversion to Epicor 9.x and have some questions regarding the tool provided to convert existing units of measure to 9.0 Classes and Units. Below is a copy of a call I submitted directly to epicor but was hoping someone from this forum has hands on experience with the tool and can offer some advice.

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!

When changes are applied via this tool, what effect does that have? Are all of the existing records changed? i.e. a db report shows only the source of first occurrence of each UOM and the number of other occurrences found in the existing db. For example where there is more than one occurrence of a numeric that is clearly a typographical error, it perhaps it should have been EA in one of the occurrences and FT or something else in the others.

And Is the UOMDB required during our upgrade procedure; would Epicor prefer that we supply it in advance?