Unit of Measure Error - Salvage Parts

I am receiving the following error in cases where we are trying to issue materials on already created jobs and when trying to create jobs.

“Unit of measure conversion now found for Class:PS000000002 UOM: FT”

I noticed that someone mentioned that there were some logic changes to how Kinetic processes salvage in 2022.1. Has anyone run into this error and determined a fix?

Delete salvage or play arround with class and coversion factor. In our case we had top level part uom as pcs, mtl as pcs and salvage as kg. So calculation tries to convert salvage uom to the same uom as top lvl part uom but if calss has no conversion for this you will receive an error like now.
We had few boms like this, we decided that this is a mistake and there should not be salvage so we removed it from bom and released jobs.