Unlinking tab structure in Case Mgmt

Hi from a newbie to this forum :)

I'm starting to cut my teeth on customization (running on 8.03.406A).

I'm trying to combine the information on multiple tabs with Case Mgmt on to a fewer number of tabs. I've made progress via customisation in combining the 'Detail' and 'General' tabs together on to a single Case tab. But there are several tabs hanging off the mainPanel1, with one of these being Topics that i have been unable to drag on to one of the other tabs. Is there something special about the Topics tab or about tabs at the highest level of a screen?

How can I unlink this tab from the main Panel to allow me to move it to another area of another tab?

Could I turn the tab in to a Group to then be able to put that Group on to another Tab?

I may not be using quite the right terminology so please correct me if I am in error.

I'm not looking for a full solution,. just enough to push me in the right direction. As far as I am aware, it would be a generic customization requirement as opposeed to being just within the Case area.

Is there any way of publishing a picture to this forum (as a picture is often worth a 1000 words)? Just trying to make it easier for others to understand my query.


Phil Boon