Unlocking a locked GL Group


Looking for a way to unlock a GL group without having to reset user password. The user is part-time so resetting a password (to fix a group) and then resetting it again seems silly.

I’ve tried UnlockGroup in Erp.BO.GLJrnGrpSvc but that didn’t work both with and without ‘OnBehalfOfToken’ header.

Also tried a uBAQ against ERP.GLJrnGrp to clear out hte ActiveUserID field but that isn’t working either. Error message is that the group is locked!

Weirdly if I change from using Classic to Kinetic UI I can actually access the group and add in GL line and save it but will not change the user of the group. I can also reload that same group and delete the added in line and while the line does get deleted, Epicor complains about ActiveUserID.

Is there way to have ActiveUserID set to nothing when an Epicor session ends?


Can you not try Release Data Locked for GL Posting? (Main Menu > System Management > Rebuild Processes > Finance)

If you have DMT, you could remove the ActiveUserID that way.

Or make a updatable BAQ to remove the active userID


I’ve tried loading DMT group with no ActiveUserID set to blank but DMT complained about group being in use

Also tried a uBAQ and setting ActiveUserID to nothing and Epicor complains about the group being in use.

Have yet to try the Rebuild Process - Finance - Released Data Locked for GL Posting. But what if want to make further edits before I post.


I get it but in my experience this is actually the easiest solution.

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If you are doing a ubaq it would have be advanced and not base since base is going to honor Epicor’s logic about the lock.