Unregocx.bat - clean registry

At 11:37 AM 9/25/2000 , you wrote:
>type unregocx v ......do not put a colon or backslash. this should
>run quite fast
>type unregocx c same thing no colon, no backslash.

I just looked through the .BAT file, and it should work the way Dick says.

If you want to watch what it does, you can use: COMMAND /Y /C {batch file
command} to display each line of the batch file (with the variables
expanded) and confirm each one before running it.

Also, this batch file does not attempt to remove every trace of Progress
and Vantage. Just certain .OCX files. So you will still find various
\DLC\ references. Norton Utilities has a nice registry cleanup utility, BTW.

I am trying to use the unregoxc.bat file to clean up the old Vantage 3
registry settings. For some reason it isn't working for me.
the instructions I have say;
Go to the Windows\System Directory
Type: w:\vantage\unregoxc w W:\ is were version 4
is --- V:\is were version 3 is
Then press any key
I get this message:
At the workstation, exit Windows to a DOS prompt.
Change the DOS prompt to reflect the drive mapped to the
\Vantage directory
From this prompt enter VNTUNREG [drive letter]
I just press "any Key" and it acts like it is removing things

Then you are suppose to do it again using
w:\vantage\unregoxc c

When I check there are still v:\dlc entries in the registry and there is no
VNTUNREG file in the \Vantage directory. What am I missing?
Thank you for your help.
here's what I do:
I go to a dos prompt.
Change to the mapped drive letter of your Epicor folder (V:)
Change to the Vantage folder (cd vantage...so the dos prompt look like
type unregocx v ......do not put a colon or backslash. this should
run quite fast
type unregocx c same thing no colon, no backslash.
That's all there is to it.