UOMConv Rounding field question

Simple question. (I hope) I am looking moving UOM data over to our pilot system and have discovered that some key Base UOM conversions have a rounding value of “MAT” based on the data dictionary the Rounding values should only be RND, UP, or DWN so I am a bit confused.

Has anyone seen this before. If I create a UOMconversion through front end I can never get the data to create a rounding value of MAT. I am assuming that this was entered in, in some other fashion.

If anyone has seen this before I’d appreciate any feedback.


MAT stands for Math Rounding. The full details of available values is found on the UOM.Rounding field

RND = RoundUp
DWN = Round Down
MAT = Math Rounding
NOT = No Rounding

I was looking at the Rounding field on the UOMConv table, which shows different values, I am not sure both of these fields should reflect one another or not.

Documentation in the implementation guide mentions that “If fractional quantities are allowed, you can click the Rounding drop-down list and select an option for this UOM code. Available options: Round Up, Round Down, No Rounding, and Math Rounding” By default when you create a new UOM it is set to round up. I am assuming that if fractional quantities are not allowed then you would set rounding to none. Is this correct?