Updatable BAQ and BO Methods


SQL2008R2, x64, non-Unicode

When developing an updatable BAQ, are you required to make any BO method calls that the system would do when updating a given field?

For instance, I am developing an updatable BAQ on Project.  Tracing my updates in Project Entry, I see that when I update Project.StartDate, there is a call to the BO method Project.OnChangeStartDate().  Do I have to mimic this in my UBAQ?  If so, can I add the call to the BPM code that is generated already (I have Advanced BPM Update only unchecked in my UBAQ)?  Or do I need to handle this differently.  Possibly by checking the Raise Events checkbox in Advanced Column Editor Configuration (Updatable Field Editor dialog).

Thank you in advance,

Bob Beaghan

Software Engineer