Updatable BAQ Credit

Is it possible to create an updateable BAQ for updating the price on a credit ? We have created below but when updating DocUnitPrice it says Updatable query action fulfilled and reported no error but the price does not update.

[InvcDtl].[InvoiceNum] as [InvcDtl_InvoiceNum],
[InvcDtl].[InvoiceLine] as [InvcDtl_InvoiceLine],
[InvcDtl].[DocUnitPrice] as [InvcDtl_DocUnitPrice],
[InvcHead].[InvoiceNum] as [InvcHead_InvoiceNum]
from Erp.InvcDtl as InvcDtl
inner join Erp.InvcHead as InvcHead on
InvcDtl.Company = InvcHead.Company
and InvcDtl.InvoiceNum = InvcHead.InvoiceNum
where (InvcDtl.InvoiceNum = @Invoicenumber and InvcDtl.InvoiceLine = @invoicelinenumber)

@emzi1981 Changing credits has GL implications. I don’t think a BAQ even if you could get it to work would be the way to go.

I am raising a credit through the REST services but it raises and opens with 0 value so was looking to call a BAQ through rest to pass through the price.