Updatable BAQ error : Transaction source is invalid

Hi Epicor community,

Are you familiar with this error?
This is not my first time creating updatable BAQ and this error seems very weird:

Severity: Exception, Table: SerialNo, Field: , RowID: c8a0dd40-3763-48a8-aa7b-cb6a75bdeac9, Text: The Transaction source is invalid.

ACSL_Serialized_Info_Update.baq (49.4 KB)

This KB has the answer.



You are a lifesaver! :rocket:

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From the KB:

Content --Explain the purpose and content of the table in one sentence here–

Step Action
1 Open your Updatable BAQ.
2 Update > Update Processing tab.
3 File > New
→ Table: SerialNo 5
→ Field: TransactionSource
→ Expression: “SNMaint”
4 File > Save
5 Save your UBAQ and test the update.


I’m a bit confused here. File > New will make a new BAQ.
What are we actually supposed to do?

So not that file New, but the New button in Query to Object mapping to add a field that does not exist in the Db to the transaction.

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@Shizar115 Since @klincecum made me look at the baq I noticed the join to the UD table. You should not have to do that join. The UD fields should be available in the main table.

Hi @gpayne ,

I see your point.
I reached out to Epicor (EpicCare) and asked them the same question that I asked in the forum and they shared the same article.
I think you referenced the same article here that they generated for me and I saw your response sooner than their response. They said:

Hi , see KB0030312 below. Knowledge Article KB0030312 - BAQ Updatable BAQ (UBAQ) error: The Transaction source is invalid. Let me know if this resolves your issue or not or if you have any additional questions on this case. I will change the status of this case to ‘Suggested Resolution’ pending your approval for case closure or any additional questions.

Following the KB resolves the issue. I have confirmed it. Why it does not work without the modification, is a question that I do not have an answer for.