Updatable BAQ not approving PO

Hi there,

I am new in this whole Epicor world and sometimes it confuses me way too much.
That is why I am coming here to ask you, experienced users and admins, for help with my BAQ.

Recently, I have got a mission to create a dashboard in which after selection of a part it will show all the open PO’s with this certain part in lines, only if the part requires inspection.
I have then created another updatable dashboard that allows unticking Inspection from a part.
And here’s my Achilles heel, it still keeps InspReq on the part within PO.
My attempt was to create a BAQ that will update the line within PO and it does. Only if the PO is not approved.
Once approved, I have found this guide on how to change Approval, Ready to Print and ApprovalStatus to U from A. Works brilliantly!
The problem occurs on the way out as it does not mark it back from U to A.

I tried post-processing and base processing and just stays Unapproved.

Any ideas what am I doing wrong?



You will want to stay away from Base Processing. I believe that replaces the default business logic that would normally fire.

Do you have any screen shots of the widgets you’re using? That would help me to see what’s going on.

@dr_dan is correct that unless you are writing the update in your routine leave the base as is. You should be able to unapprove pre processing which sounds like it is happening and then reapprove post processing. You make have to do a transaction scope to force the write to happen before you can do the approval.

Well according to other’s guidance here on epiusers, base processing is what I should redesign without changing the default code. Just adding bits before and after. Here are some ss:

Sorry for one massive SS but as a new user I can upload only 1.

It works all the way to Unapproving and ticking/unticking inspection req.
It just does not want to re-approve the PO.

Any ideas?