Updatable BAQ With SubQueries won't save data

I have created an updatable BAQ in Kinetic which uses many inner subqueries. Under the update tab the fields I want to be updatable are all checked including the inner subquery tables. If I try to update any of the subquery fields it will not save the changes although they update with no error. If i update the fields just on the top level tables the updates save.

Anyone else seeing issues with being able to update fields from subquery tables?

I have always had trouble updating values in the sub queries. You may have to look at what methods are fired when those fields are updated by Epicor through a standard form. For example if your query is based on JobHead, then the update function might pick JobEntry as the BO. This will update anything that JobEntry has the ability to update. But if you include a subquery table from, say Warehouse, for example, then you will need the Warehouse BO (not sure what it is ATM). But if you run a trace on each type of field you need to update, and update those fields in native epicor forms, then the traces should reveal which BOs and methods need to fire to update those extra fields.
Or you could switch to a BPM, and run the updates through custom code, or using the widgets. This is usually the way I go.
Good Luck!

Thanks Nate, we also put a ticket into Epicor to see if this is something that should work with a subquery. If not we will look at your approach.

BAQs cannot update multiple tables at once without a custom update.
You will have to write some code/widgets.

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