Updatable Dashboard

I would like to be able to set up a dashboard from which a user can change Confidence %, Best Case%, Worst Case %, Unit Price, and Expected Quantity for Quote Lines. I have this set up, but am having trouble getting the logic to update Best Case Revenue, Worst Case Revenue, etc. properly.

I’ve tried running a trace and replicating these calls (GetDtlUnitPriceInfo, ChangeSellingExpQty, and Update on the Quote) but haven’t found any success. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Hi Alex,
I have not worked with those tables myself. However, I have been messing around with updatable dashboards quite a bit. I know they can be tricky. I would suggest reading a few threads to get caught up on all the details.

I think the key for me was figuring out how to use the Update Table by Query widget to set the rowmod to “U” for tablesets that I was trying to update.

In this post I explore how to update values using BPM logic from a customized dashboard.

In this post I explore creating a new (order) line from a custom dashboard.

Here are some more tips for using an updatable dashboard:

Also, Jose’s Trace Helper Utility is invaluable for parsing out the traces.

Good luck in your search!