Update each OrderDtl after change to OrderHed

My first post, be gentle!

10.1.400 - I created a BPM using UpdateTableByQuery that works great as a Pre-Process on SalesOrder.Update or SalesOrder.MasterUpdate. The challenge is that it only fires one OrderLine at a time if I change the Line. I’d like to make it so that whenever I change the OrderHed, it runs for each order line. Any suggestions?


You’ll likely have to write custom code for that.

I tried doing something similar for some custom date fields we added to our Sales Order Entry form. If a user changed a date on the Header and clicked Save, it would prompt to change all of those dates on the Lines. It worked great as long as a user didn’t also change a standard date on the form, then there was a conflict in the update. I ended up writing custom code, but am still having issues with the standard vs. custom date updates, I can post screen shots of the BPM process I did if you would like to play around with it. Follow this link to see the custom code I’m using, along with the problem I’m having: Sales Order Update Conflict in Customization - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum